Bill Rainford, Craftsman

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8 thoughts on “Bill Rainford, Craftsman”

    1. I’m sorry this comment got lost in a spam filter. I made that one for a friend and since then had a second baby and have not had any time for commissioned work. If you are in the greater Boston area and don’t need it any time soon we could talk, but you likely are better off finding another craftsman to take it on. If you show them this post I’m sure someone could replicate it for you.

  1. Bill, Happy to have discovered you. I printed out your comments on the Larsson workbench used at the Sloyd school. A friend recently cleaning his basement gave me one, which aside from being coated with years of automotive grime from his cadillac restoration activities, is in pretty good shape.
    I am a professional musician, and retired carpenter. I have a good shop and do woodworking. I led a jazz band for 14 years at Edaville RR theme park in Carver in the 80s and 90s. While there I became friends with Malcolm (Mac) Finney of Wareham MA, who worked there building sheds and shops in traditional post and beam. I learned a lot talking to and watching him. I wonder if you know of him?
    Hope I have a chance to meet you some day.
    Stu Gunn,(not Susan, my wife)

    1. Hi Stu,
      Sorry this comment got stuck in limbo for such a long time. Comments on the older posts seem to go MIA in the wordpress admin console sometimes. I don’t know Mac Finney, bu sounds like an interesting person. I’m on my way to Woodworking In America right now, so if you go to that sort of thing or any of the EAIA annual meetings or the Nashua Tool Show maybe we’ll run into each other. If you restore yours, I’d love to see more pictures of it. At some point I really want some detailed measurements of one of the benches so I can replicate a new one to bring to the school. I hope all is well. Sorry again for the abysmally slow reply.

      Take care,

    1. Hi Ernie,
      Thank you. 🙂
      On the left side of me web page there are buttons that allow you to follow the blog via email, facebook, or wordpress account if you like — it will email or notify you automatically on any new posts. I only post about once a week or so being in favor of quality over quantity of posts.

      Take care,

  2. Hi Bill,
    I was helping a friend clean out his grandfathers house, he offered me a bench for my restoration shop. I took it not knowing where I was going to put it, space always being an issue. It’s just a cool little old bench and couldn’t let it get thrown out.

    There’s a little tag on the back that says Chandler and barber Boston, which I proceeded to look up on line and found your post on these benches from years ago.

    Being a NBSS alumni(cabinet & furniture “92”) all the connections between this bench and the school made it that much better to have in my shop. Thanks for the research and posts.

    Peter j Tullock
    Antique Furniture Restoration

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