Tapering Jig Grows Up

It’s not every day I need to taper a table leg, but when I do, I want the operation to go off smoothly. For years I’ve used an extruded aluminum model which got the job done for modest size pieces but it had a lot of limitations especially if you value the quality of your work and your fingers.

This week I’m working on a shaker style console table for an upcoming show and I figured this was as good a time as any to build a better tapering jig. Thumbing through an old FWW compilation of shop improvement projects I found a jig I liked and I built my own.

Completed tapering jig ready to adjust to the needs of your work.
Completed tapering jig ready to adjust to the needs of your work.

The result is a much larger unit that is far more secure in holding the piece while tapering with better results given the miter slot runner and zero clearance edge to align your piece with. In an upcoming post you’ll see the results of this jig in action.

UPDATE: Added some pics to the slideshow showing the jig in action and the results it produces — nice clean and consistent tapers.

Clean consistent tapers
Clean consistent tapers


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