Pegboard, Cabinets, And Screw Storage

Dressing up the workshop

After spending way too much digging around in buckets and tool boxes I decided I needed some real wall storage for the shop. I also figured since I spend so much of my free time down in the shop I might as well make it a nice looking place to be. So back in the spring of 2008 I embarked on a long series of shop improvement projects.

Phase 1 — Wall Storage

Based roughly on some plans from an older WOOD magazine article I build a series of 2’x4′ pegbaord panels. Each of these wood frames has a french cleat on the back and spacer on the bottom so they could be hung from a french cleat mounted to the wall. I really like this system as it lets me easily move things around as my shop space needs change. (Every time a new major tool is added things often get juggled around). I really didn’t like the drab look of dark brown that pegboard normally is, so I decide to paint it a metallic copper color using a 2 part latex paint that worked out great. I also spray painted all the pegs/hooks copper as well. I found this paint reflected light well and gave a warmer feeling to the shop. I wound up making 6 of these panels which are currently in 2 banks of 3. From there I also made a pair of cabinets with similar copper doors and adjustable shelves and a pair of screw storage cabinets with lexan doors and lots of little McFeely’s bins. I’m currently in the process of moving to a new shop with some more wall space so I hope to add to this system of wall storage again soon.

Since then I also made hose storage, small parts bins, turning tool holders and a range of other similar shop helpers that hang from this cleat system. I’ll post more on these additions in the future. It has been a great way to organize tools and keep them handy and visible.

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