Self Anchoring Sharpening Stone Holder

Self-Anchoring Sharpening-Stone Station

Late last night I got home late from the EAIA Annual conference down on Cape Cod — we had a great time at the event and I will post on that more this week.

In my mailbox I was happy to see the new issue of Fine Homebuilding — the July 2013 Issue — since it contains the first small article I wrote for them. It can be found in the ‘Tips and Techniques’ section of the magazine on page 24 in a piece titled ‘A self-anchoring sharpening-stone station’

Below is a picture from this small article, but if you want to see all the details, please check out the magazine on your local newsstand or view this tip online here.

Self Anchoring Sharpening Stone Holder
Self Anchoring Sharpening Stone Holder

Stay tuned for next month’s issue (August/September 2013) — I have a much longer piece with online video components coming out in with that issue.


3 thoughts on “Self-Anchoring Sharpening-Stone Station”

  1. Such a simple idea, dare I say, elegant! I have recently acquired some new stones which came without storage, and this is a great idea to use for them. I will also add a cover to keep them from getting dusty and whatnot, so they have actual boxes, but the idea of the strips to hold them in place and the protruding brads to keep the whole in place on the bench is an idea to good not to “borrow”!

    Thanks so much!

    1. You’re quite welcome. I’m glad to hear about others giving this project a try. Pin nails will work better than brads and leave less of a mark, but either can get the job done. If you use brads you can nip them off on the end which will give them a bit more of a point to bite in with.

      Take care,

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