Me taking a shot of the front door to the school

NBSS Graduation Revisited

It’s that time of year again for Dads and grads and I was asked what NBSS graduation was like. Since I was not able to attend this year’s ceremony in person I will have to post some pictures of what it was like when I graduated.

Like so many other activities at NBSS, graduation is another event with lots of history. The day starts out with a meet and greet at the School where students can show of some of the fruits of their labors. Then over to the adjacent Old North Church of Paul Revere fame for the graduation ceremony. You can feel the excitement in the air and sense the history as everyone packs into the church.

There are several speakers including school administration, the guest speaker, and the Distinguished Alumni Award winner, then it’s on to the diplomas and celebrations. Last year and again this year we had great weather.

Below is a gallery of some key moments from that day.

Next post, back to woodworking. 🙂

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