Completed frame

Indoor Barn Raising?!?

You’re raising a barn inside?! Yep, it’s not every day you get to raise a barn indoors, but back in the fall of 2009 the NBSS PC2 class of 2010 raised Matt’s timber frame barn inside of the class room. The frame is a 1.5 story barn/workshop cut using square rule joinery. The frame is eastern white pine.

Completed frame
Completed frame

If I recall correctly the weather at that time was not playing well and we had the space and height in the building so they move all the workbenches and went for it.  Below is a time lapse slideshow showing the frame being raised. I had a great vantage point from up in the loft to capture the action.  This barn will eventually be a workshop for Matt who was a PC2 student at the time.

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