Oak Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse 33 Years In The Making

First off, I want to share some good news with everyone — in late August my wife Alyssa gave birth to our first child — a son named Bradley who came in at 10lbs 15oz and 23 inches long!  We’re both proud parents and my wife and the baby are both doing well. With the new baby, work, and teaching this semester,  I haven’t had as much time to blog as I would like. As things are calming down and and the cold weather sets in I’ll get some more time at the computer and will catch everyone up on what projects I’ve been working on. In the meantime I wanted to share with you one of the few family heirlooms I have — in this case my old rocking horse.

Oak Rocking Horse
Oak Rocking Horse

I’m convinced that Woodworking skills and appreciation for woodwork are hereditary to some degree. When I was a child my Dad — William D. Rainford — made a very nice rocking horse for me. The horse was constructed from solid oak and was just about complete — the woodworking was done, the seat was on there, but the horse lacked his eyes, mane and tail. The horse worked great and as a child I fondly remember riding on it.

Front View of Oak Rocking Horse
Front View of Oak Rocking Horse

With the impending birth of my son I bugged Dad to finish off the horse, teasing him that he had 33 years to finish it — that’s how old I am right now. I’m happy to report that my Dad came through and finished the horse off properly — he now has his eyes (which we are all still amazed that he had and was able to find after all of these years), a nice mane, leather ears and even a bridle.

Close Up Of Rocking Horse Head
Close Up Of Rocking Horse Head

I look forward to when Bradley is old enough to ride it. Right now it’s keeping watch over the other toys in Bradley’s room. Speaking of Bradley’s room and finishing off projects, I need to finish building the crib for Bradley before he outgrows his bassinet and starts giving me a hard time for not finishing off that project.

Take care,

4 thoughts on “Rocking Horse 33 Years In The Making”

  1. Bill, though I don’t have a photo to share, my father also made a rocking horse for my older brother and it was passed down to my sister, then me and then on to several of the grandchildren. I think it was made from a pattern found in Popular Mechanics. It would have been around 1937 that the plans were executed. It is now relegated to the attic until the next generation has children. Your horse will be fun for Bradley and you and your family will enjoy watching him “bucking that bronco.” Be sure to share photos when he takes his first ride. Kudos to your father for saving those parts all these years!

  2. Hello Billy,

    What a neat surprise to see your article on the horse! Thank you for mentioned your old dad and the pictures came out great!

    I hope to talk with you tonight!



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