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Harvard Shaker Meeting House — New Slate Roof

Back in 2011 the NBSS Preservation Carpentry class worked on the Harvard Shaker Meeting House. It was a beautiful location. The class of 2010 worked on the front side of the house and the class of 2011 completed the back side. In this bucolic setting the class learned a lot about slate roofing and traditional staging.

Rear view of the Harvard Shaker Meeting House
Rear view of the Harvard Shaker Meeting House

Project goals:

  • Remove existing slate roof — preserving as many sound slates as we can
  • Stabilize existing sheathing
  • Install new plywood sheathing, ice and water shield and new flashing and vent fixtures
  • Replace missing cornice and stabilize raster tails
  • Re-hang the slates
  • Learn about traditional site built staging techniques

Below is a slide show outlining the work covered here.

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